How it works

You earn more tokens when the content you staked rises in the rankings.

How does content rise in rankings?

The more TCG tokens staked on the content, the higher it ranks.

How to share and rank content?

  1. Get TCG tokens
  2. Find or submit content you want to share
  3. Stake your tokens on content

How do I get my token rewards?

You need to unstake your tokens.

You can get 100% of your tokens back when you decide to unstake. Plus you get all of the rewards you’ve earned.

Content drops in rankings when tokens are unstaked.

How do content creators earn?

As a content creator, in order for you to earn tokens, you'll have to stake tokens to your content.

To earn more rewards faster, you'll want more people to stake tokens on your content. They will have the same incentives as you.

The advantage the content creator has is they can be first or very early which is a big advantage over later stakers. You can learn more about the advantages to staking early in the advanced section.

How do I get TCG tokens?

Available soon on Uniswap for the Polygon network.

Advanced 🤓

What is with the Hrs (hours) I see associated with each content?

Since stakers recieve more rewards the higher a content ranks, the optimal strategy would be for everyone to stake on the #1 ranked content. This would completely eliminate the incentive for content discovery. The number #1 ranked content would stay pinned to the top and visitors would stop come back as the content hasn't changed.

The Content Game uses the concept of Time Debt to rank content.

This Time Debt is the Cool Down time that users must pay when they unstake their tokens. The more tokens staked on a content, the longer the Cool Down time will be to withdraw their tokens. The Time Debt market is unique for each content and uses a simple linear curve to determine time.

Think AMM TokenA / TokenB but instead it's (Number of Tokens Staked on Content / Total Token Supply) and the cost is Cool Down time instead of TokenA.

Example: Staking the first 100 tokens costs 1 hr, staking another 100 tokens with 1000 already staked costs 100 hrs.

Like all markets, at some point the cost is too high and particpants search for alternatives. In this case it would be searching and staking early to the next viral content.

What are the advantages of staking early?

There are 2 advantages.

You're earning more rewards for longer duration.

You can withdraw your tokens with shorter Cool Down duration. Which allows you to sell tokens at higher prices or stake early in the next viral content to compound rewards.

Where do the token rewards come from?

The token supply is inflationary. Active participation is rewarded over passive holding.

Issuance rate is set by the policy team.

But inflation is bad!

Picture of the author

The total supply of Bitcoin went from 1 to 2,625,000 in the first 16 months. (January 2009 - April 2010)

What matters is that the inflationary rewards are directed to activies which are net positive to the network. With Bitcoin, the rewards are going to participants that are securing the network. The market deemed BTC to have value greater than zero and created a positive feedback loop of demand leading to more value that needed to be secured.

Can I create a token like TCG?

Yes, factory contract is coming soon.